WEB Cohort

Rebecca	Dixon

Rebecca Dixon

New York

The gameHers

Empowering women through the power of gaming

Fonta Gilliam

Fonta Gilliam

Arlington, VA


Enabling financial institutions to engage with customers through the power of social and community influence

Tiffany Kelly

Tiffany Kelly

New York


Powering content creators to create videos and connect with their audiences

Katalina	Mayorga

Katalina Mayorga

Washington D.C. and New York

El Camino Travel

Offering group travel experiences for women travelers

Zara Perumal

Zara Perumal

Cambridge, MA

Overwatch Data

Providing real-time, open-source intelligence to monitor fraud and security risk

Elizabeth Sheils

Elizabeth Sheils

Portland, OR

Rock Paper Coin

Providing an all-in-one business transaction solution for event professionals

Ann	Wehren

Ann Wehren

New York


Sourcing luxury goods for personal shoppers, stylists, and their clients

Evelyne	White

Evelyne White

New York


Connecting venues and event planners for private dining experiences