Pitch for Feedback Sessions


Present your company to investors at Amex Ventures and subject matter experts at American Express and Project W for real-time, actionable feedback and guidance.

We will hold two virtual pitch events. Applications for the first event are now open and founders selected to pitch will have priority review during Amex WEB selection.

8 to 12 Founders

Dates and Application Windows

Women founders can apply to participate in a pitch for feedback session, Amex WEB, or both.

Pitch for Feedback Session 1

August 16, 2023

Session 1 applications are closed
Pitch for Feedback Session 2

September 13, 2023

Session 2 applications are closed

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Women founders of companies that:

Have at least one female founder with a substantial equity stake

Have a full-time team of two or more

Are seed stage or pre-seed stage aiming to raise a seed round within the next 12 months

Building a scalable product or solution to address a problem focused on Consumer commerce & membership, B2B, and Enterprise Capabilities


Founders in the SPARK program will make connections with investors and subject matter experts at Amex Ventures, American Express, and Project W who will provide insights to support the growth of your business.